Ian Clements MSTAT 

I first came across the Alexander technique in the early 1980's. I had suffered from chronic back pain for about ten years and had tried most forms of treatment, but none seemed to provide a lasting solution. My wife persuaded me to go and have some lessons with a local teacher, I must admit to being quite sceptical from the outset. Very quickly my scepticism died, being replaced by a complete sense of amazement at how much my back pain was improving.

One of the things that I found very empowering about the technique, was that it was allowing ME to help myself, the more I learnt about and applied the technique, the better I felt.  I had  a course of Alexander Technique lessons spread over about a year, and I am eternally gratefull to my very capable teacher Monique Stone.

My work career from the early 1980's up until 1999 was spent in IT sofware development, in and around London. Most of my time was spent as a freelancer working for many illustrious companys, mostly in the retail sector  -  Merretts (a Lloyds of London syndicate), Ratners the (ex) jewellers, Octopus Publishing, MSAS cargo, THORN (Radio rentals and Rumbellows), Lilly pharmacuticals, Harrods of Knightsbridge, Harvey Nichols, ADT fire and security.

After doing my twenty year stretch in the computing Industry I decided to train as an Alexander Technique teacher in 1999. I spent three years at the Brighton Alexander Technique training school, before qualifying to teach in 2002.  I Moved to Colyton in East Devon in 2002 along with my wife and three children.